Friday, 30 May 2014

Printing Machines for Sales – First Graphic

First graphic is leading supplier of offset printing machines, bindery machines, carton printing machines and self adhesive label is pleased to offer the following printing machines for sale - sheet feed machines, for offset press.

Printing Machines for Sales

ROLAND R712-SW Age 2008
Twelve Colour offset Press, Convertible 12/0 or 6/6 Perfecting, Maberg Non-stop Feeder with steel plate, Alcosmart, CCI, RCI

ROLAND 606 3B Age 1990
6 colour offset press, Steel Plate in Feeder, Rolandmatic, RCI 2, Remote Register, Chrome Impression Cylinders

ROLAND R505+LV Age 2008
Five colour offset press, 6th Unit Coater, RCI, PPL Autoplate, Roland-Matic DELTA dampening, Technotrans refrigeration unit

ROLAND 308P Age 1998
8 colour sheet fed offset press, Convertible 8/0 or 4/4 perfecting, alcohol dampening, Technotrans, CCI densometer,

ROLAND 202 TOB Age 1989
2 colour sheet fed offset press, Mabeg feeder, Rolandmatic, Quick action plate clamps, Chrome impression cylinder

HEIDELBERG CD102-6+L Age 1990
Six Colour offset Press, Seventh Unit Tower coater, CPC 1-02 with cassette memory, CP-Tronic, Alcolor Dampening

Four Colour Offset Press, Convertible 4/0 or 2/2 Perfecting, Heidelberg Stream feeder, Steel plate in feeder

HEIDELBERG SM52-5P2 Age 1998
Five colour sheet fed offset press, Heidelberg Stream feeder, Convertible 5/0 or 1/4 Perfecting, CPC1-02, CP-Tronic, Alcolor

Four colour sheet fed offset press, Convertible 4/0 or 2/2 perfecting, CPC 1-04 with smart card reader, CP Tronic, Autoplate

Two colour offset press, Chrome plate cylinders, Quick action plate clamps with pin register, Alcohol Dampening

RYOBI 525GX Age 2007
Five colour offset press, Ryobi automatic inking PCS-H, Ryobimatic alcohol dampening, SAPC - semi-automatic plate change

RYOBI 522E Age 1996
Two Colour Offset Press, Conventional Dampening System

KOMORI L628+LX Age 1994
Six Colour Offset Press, Seventh Unit Tower Coater, PQC, Komorimatic, Autoplate, Technotrans Refrigeration,

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