Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Deal only with genuine printing companies in kenya

 There are a lot of agent and unprofessional printing companies in Kenya. It entrusting them to do your printing works would only give trouble, loss and waste your time. Here are a few tips to know the printer you’re dealing with is a genuine and up to the task.

1.      First, the right printing company should have clear physical and clear contact, i.e the phone number, email and website. Most of the con printer doesn’t even have offices.
2.      Good printing companies will always, provides samples for approval and art work confirmation before starting the printing works.
3.      Best and genuine printing company will either ask you part of the amount as deposit to commence the job or perform the printing job and request for payment on delivery.
4.      Best printing company in Kenya, will not ask you to pay for more after quotation. The amount given o quotation is often final. If there is a mistake on printing company sides, they should handle that internally.
5.      Genuine printing company will always, advice on suitable size paper and other important things related to the task to be printed.

From my own experience i have learnt that, small printing companies in Kenya deliver the printing work much quicker those big printing companies. Although be careful, i have worked with inkpaste printers, aviq printers, Msaidizi agencies and i can recommend them

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