Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fast moving printing papers in Kenya

There huge varieties of printing papers in Kenyan market. However, with the facts that Kenya’s its only manufacturer of paper printing Pan Paper’s Webuye collapsed. There available papers in the market are never enough. Therefore printing papers business is very lucrative business especially to direct importers to Kenya. Those who would love to sell or import papers to Kenya may be wondering which kind printing papers are fast moving in Kenya market
With no order the below papers are fast moving in Kenya market:

1.       Photocopy /copy papers in A4 size, those that are branded and packed. This papers are commonly
2.       Art papers and art cards – This are papers commonly used to print posters, business cards, magazines, fliers, book covers among others. It vastly used printing papers in Kenya market
3.       Newsprints papers – Mostly used my print media Houses in Kenya to print daily newspapers, by printing companies in Kenya to print exams and others low quality publications. Newsprint papers is also used in some quotas to wraps items.
4.       Bond papers- is used often to print officially documents by printing firms in Kenya, e.g books, business forms etc
5.       Sticker papers /self adhesive papers – used to print label, large posters among other labelling prints.
6.       NCR , carbonated papers, this is largely used in Kenya in production of books, bank slips, among other prints.
Other slightly moving fast: include manila papers, ivory boards, cover boards
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