Monday, 19 May 2014

Printings services and its Profits

I am inspired to write about printing services in Kenya and its profits, because I have met a good numbers of people who have varying perspective about printing. When others urge that printing in Kenya is very profitable other says it once of the field that is hard to get its fruits. To some extend I agree with them, but being in printing field over 15 years, I can only say , printing is ‘sweet’ when you can managed its risks associated, but can be frustrating if you not focus on money instead when a person concentrates on money and not  the job.
  I have always advised people who want to ventured into printing industry, that printing is a process and there often no short cut to it.  What do I mean by short cut, a person ought to use paper plates to do a heavy solid job and in return the job wound not be uniform although he would save severally shilling at the end, (which he /she will still pay back heavily) then what if the client rejects the work.  Then at long run there would be no saving at all. Use of metal plates to do such task would be ideal.
Just like other lucrative business, printing business has high risk, but if procedures are kept in place to minimum the risks then you will find printing very good business.
Some of the Kenya’s top printing companies, which others can be viewed in this website, have worked hard to minimum waste, and do what it entails in printing industry which short cut to rich them at the top of the business.

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