Sunday, 18 May 2014

Modern Business Cards

Business cards have become part and parcel of every person and business enterprises that need to network, share contact or even print marketing. However, very few people  know that the kind of business cards a person owns says a lot about the images of the company or personality of the individuals.Because,of the role played by the business cards there a type of modern business that are getting momentum in this days:

1. Plastic business cards - most people like hard and durable business cards and plastics seems to playing that role quite well. but those who don't like carrying bulk things this is not the cards for you. imagine having 200 cards in your pocket or wallet.

2. film thin business cards - This type of cards are mostly preferred by high profile people and since it is printed on thin slim film like paper it is light and look much unique from  routine normal business cards.

3. matte / gloss lamination - this kind of business is widely being adopted all over the world. this lamination plastifies the  paper making more hard and executive.

4. Round edges business OR Corner link cards are also gaining presence day by day.

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