Thursday, 22 May 2014

Photocopy papers in kenya

We are leading importer, distributor and gent of copy papers in East and central Africa religion. We supply quality photocopy papers of the common brand and emerging types. Our stores holdes photocopy papers and bond papers of the various sizes Ranging from A5,A4,A4 among others sizes.

We are leading supplier of photocopy papers in KENYA  and supporting over 200,000 business  and 50,000 individuals. Our major clientele being stationary shops,printing companies in Kenya and east Africa, individuals, photocopy/ printing shops, schools, institutions, government of Kenya, among others.
Some of the copy paper brand available include,

All types of mond, paper one, paper N0.1,e – paper , jacana, top kopie,xerox,colourite,aone,double AA, among others.
Our agents in nairobi include:

1.      Inkpaste Printers & Stationers 
Website :
2.       Aviq printers
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