Friday, 2 May 2014


Printing is process and more so offset printing is coupled with series of activities. Thus a mistake on one process will result on poor production or compromise on the printing works quality.  Most of the leading and best printers in Kenya have developed some measures which enable then to caution and avoid unnecessary mistakes which may result on poor printing services.

Approve artwork

A common error in printing process starts with, by ignoring to check artworks well.  Good printing output largely depends on the design. Therefore a mistake of colours, shift on registration or spelling will greatly affects the all printing process.  Most of the best printing companies in Kenya will ask you to approve the artwork before printing process starts. In this regards, it very crucial that every client approves the artwork for the printing services in Kenya. Good graphic designs will always play a role in producing sharp printings.

Approve artwork
Next time you order printing services in Kenya, remember to approve your artwork before the company starts printing process.

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